【Proving Inequalities with the Help of the Computer】

报告题目:Proving Inequalities with the Help of the Computer

报告人: Prof.Man Kam Kwong   香港理工大学

主持人:唐晓艳 教授

报告时间:2019年6月18日  周二9:00-10:00



Inequalities are useful in all areas of analysis. They are usually not studied in their own rights, but are used as tools in other areas, for example, to obtain error estimates in numerical studies, to prove convergence of sequences and series, to establish existence of solutions of differential equations, etc.Proving inequalities rigorously is an art because there are no silver bullets that work in all situations. The speaker will describe some of the tools used in his recent work, especially those that involves the use of computer and numerical software.Topics include the use of monotone functions, the classical Sturm Theorem for algebraic polynomials, trigonometric inequalities, and the monotone L'Hopital rule.


Professor Kwong is a retired chair professor of the Department of Applied Mathematics, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He received a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Chicago. His research interests include differential equations, classical analysis, inequalities, matrix theory, and the application of computer in analysis. He has published over 170 papers in refereed journals and is an ISI-Highly Cited scholar.

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